Sustainable Floorcoverings by Complete Carpet Company

Complete Carpet Company also goes for durability. People are increasingly more aware of the environment. That is why we see more and more that manufacturers respond to this and launch products with a green and sustainable label. Also in the field of soft floorcovering we can not stay behind and succesfully we have put an important step with a new way of yarn production. We managed to develop yarns made ​​for 37% of after-growing raw materials. A fiber these fibers are made ​​from waste products left over from corn processing. The yarns consist to a large extent, therefore, from corn starch and sugar. The special feature of this type of yarn that has very user friendly features. Not only does it feel very comfortable but also in the maintenance distinguishes this yarn itself. The color fastness is guaranteed up to 15 years and even dried stains such as red wine or coffee is very simple to remove. The air quality in indoor spaces is great and even rewarded with a Green Label Plus certificate. Also want an energy consumption that is 30% lower than other yarn production and up to 60% less CO2 emissions. Actually all reasons to again look differently at soft carpet. Ask for the possibilities in our office. Call 0297-256933

New collection Nordic Flooring

The collection of Nordic Flooring is completely renewed. In the “Wood” and “Rustic Woods” there are many colors added. Also, the sizes adjusted. The planks are 229 mm x 1229 mm. Also, all planks now have a bevelled edge. Completely new is Bamboo, Mosaic and Wood Block.

In other designs, there are also many novelties. Click here to view the catalog.

Interactive Liquid Tiles

There are some very special decorative effects that you can apply.

Our interactive tiles have a top of polycarbonate and are therefore almost indestructible. The back of vinyl ensures that the insert does not pose a problem. But the secret is the layer between.

Here are one or more colored inks by exerting a little pressure, every time, new designs are perfectly keep fit in the floor where they are used.

Its operation is like a magnet, people stand, look at it and talk about it. The entire interior gets an extra dimension that is very positive.

Floorcovering with Optical Fibre

We present a completely new development of our factory Radici in soft floor coverings: carpet incorporating an optical fiber.
This way the carpet gives real light! That can be a logo or such signposts etc. The possibilities are really endless. The light can also change color. Thus, in this way precise way one location are lit (eg room number or emergency exit).
The system is applicable to several of our qualities in both wool and polyamide!

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