We regularly release new catalogs from Complete Carpet Company in collaboration with Radici. Here you can find different designs. All these designs are available at Complete Carpet Company. If the existing design does not fit you perfectly, there is even a possibility to adjust the colors to your own taste.

Below you will find an overview of a number of these catalogs.

Timeless catalogue

The name already speaking, these designs are timeless. Different colors and styles were used to create the Timeless collection. The collection is unique.

You can download the catalog below

Sea Dreams catalogue

The best dreams are those about the sea. This collection gives you the opportunity to relive these dreams every day. This collection consists of the use of natural elements and fresh colors. The emphasis is on the finish and the quality of the carpet used.

You can download the catalog below

Mini Concept Roaring Twenties catalogue

The Mini concept collection Roaring twenties consist of four different designs. These take you back in time and create a retro interior. These designs can be perfectly combined with various artworks or a modern look.

You can download the catalog below